About Team

About us

We, the members of the VelociTeam team, with the help of the coordinating professor Anastasia Begeti, represent our school, 1st GEL Ymittou, in the F1 in Schools Pan-Hellenic Competition. Our goal is through teamwork and effort to get the best possible result.

Meet us

Thomas Rizos

Thomas came up with the shape of the vehicle, and created an innovative concept car which needs further improvements on the one hand, but on the other it has great potential and can live up to our high expectations. He also monitored team progress to make sure everyone completed tasks.

Antonis Karavaggelis

Antonis created our website and was also responsible for the writing of the Enterprise and the Design & Enginering  portfolios. He also assisted at the promotion of the team, the painting of the vehicles,the sponsorship deals and the pit-displey design.

Efthimis Karagounis

Efthimis was responsible for sponsorships, and public relations. He organized many meetings with sponsors and ensured that all sponsorship commitments were enforced at any time, whether that was in our kits or at the Kiosk. He also assisted at the painting of the cars, the design of the pit display and the web-site.

Elena Karadimou

Elena designed the website and was responsible for the content that goes up on our website,our youtube channel, our instagram and Facebook pages. Moreover she took care of the team’s uniforms, the design of the Pit display and the video presentation.

Logo Meaning

Our logo depicts a dragonfly consisting of the Latin characters V, T. These letters are the initials of the name of our VelociTeam team. First of all, the dragonfly was a source of inspiration for the design of the vehicle, as its aerodynamic shape combined with the speeds it approaches, points to a fast F1 car. Veloci also comes from Velocity, which means speed and in this way we declare the basic property of our car, while -Team represents the fact that only through teamwork and cooperation we will achieve our goal and the objective of the project .

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